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Custom roasted coffee beans


Life is too short to drink old, stale coffee. Coffee starts losing its flavor immediately after roasting.  Why buy and drink coffee that is already old by the time it is purchased and brewed?  Instead, purchase coffee that is locally roasted and extremely fresh, so you do enjoy all the flavor and aroma that coffee has to offer.  Twisted Trunk Coffee Roasters can provide you with some of the freshest and most aromatic coffee you can obtain.  Coffee can be roasted to your specifications and be provided as whole bean or ground coffee.

If you want to roast your own coffee, Twisted Trunk can sell you green coffee beans, so you can be your own roast master.

Green coffee beans come from many countries around the globe, , generally from a  narrow band of latitudes..  The combination of soil characteristics, climate, Location, and farming characteristics impart distinctive flavors and characteristics to each coffee bean.  Single origin coffees allow the coffee enthusiast to enjoy these nuances.

Email me and  I can let you know what beans are available.

Custom Roasted Coffee

Have your coffee your way. The freshest beans, roasted the way you want and ready to brew within hours of roasting. 

Coffee beans come from around the world as green coffee beans. 

Different locals and climates impart specific flavors to the beans.

Twisted Trunk can roast the green coffee beans to your specifications. 

Big Green carefully roasts the beans and the process is closely monitored by sight, smell and the computer in the background.

After roasting, the coffee beans are rapidly cooled to stop the roasting process.


Those green coffee beans are magically transformed to fragrant roasted coffee beans, ready to be ground and brewed. 

Whole Bean or Ground?

The roasted coffee beans can be ground, if you wish.

Email me and  I can let you know what beans are available.

Lowcountry Brew Lab

Learn to brew beer or improve your brewing skills.

This is another project that I am working on. 

You can brew coffee and you can brew beer.

Coincidence?  I Think Not!

Email me if you want to learn to brew beer.

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